Website Launch in (LESS THAN) One Week!

Just a quick reminder for those of you following us via email or RSS feed

August 20th, 2013 is THE DAY!

The official launch of is on August 20th and I am very excited about it because I can’t wait to start sharing this information with everyone, including all of the podcast notes for the Travel Better Podcasts, which I have continued to create through the pre-launch.

Keep your eye out for new posts here and sign up for the email list (which is different than the RSS that is received through email and simply replicates the content on the site).  The email list for this site includes deals, giveaways, contests and notifications about upcoming programs and podcasts.

Please continue to share Travel Better Podcasts with your friends and anyone you know that enjoys travel or you think will get something out of the information I provide.  And while I know that I don’t have much up except for the pre-launch page, I am still creating podcasts so you can check those out here!

Thanks for reading and for helping me spread the word!


Happy Travels!


PS: Don’t forget to participate in the Travel Better Podcasts Pre-Launch Giveaway! You could win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Click Here to go to the entry form on our Facebook Page.