My “Heroes and Roll Models” Bookmarks Folder (Part 1)

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While this whole site started as a kind of “Oops… I’m podcasting!” kind of thing, the momentum was building for me to have some sort of creative manifestation related to travel.

I have a folder in my bookmarks bar called “Heroes and Roll Models” which contains many of the travel blogs and information sites that I follow to give me information, insight and connection to others who are writing about the glorious experience of travel.

As my kickoff to this site, I would like to share the contents of this beloved folder with you.  Enjoy!  🙂

I have been reading this website for over 5 years and it is a rich resource. The information on the site comes from tips that are from members of the site.  But it is edited (so there’s no spam to sift through.) I sometimes find it hard to navigate because there is so much information, it can be hard for me to re-find a tip unless I bookmark it, so if you visit and find something cool, either save it in an application like Evernote, or bookmark it.  Wonderful resource and great community.

Wanderlust and Lipstick
This is a wonderful site to follow that has great travel tips and travel opportunities geared toward women (though the do have a few male writers and co-ed trips).  Great information and well written. Sexy URL.

Sandra Phinney “Writer, Mentor, Travel Photographer”
She’s a Canadian writer and photographer… Emphasis on the Writer part… she offers many workshops and lectures on writing, and if her blog is any indication, the workshops are probably quite good. But I follow her because I like her perspective, vivid descriptions and introspection, This is more of a narrative travel site than one that provides tips.

Barbara Weibel’s Cultural Travel
This is another site that hosts a nice mix of photoblog and articles. Emphasis on the Photo part (though her articles are very good, too!)

Kelly Ferro
Kelly Ferro is part of Trip FIlms and makes her own travel videos.  Fun to watch. Good production value.

Nomadic Matt
I love following his blog for great budget travel advice and destination inspiration.

Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt’s Solo Traveler Blog
There is a large emphasis on photography on this travel blog, but you can still garner some great tips about the destinations these ladies visit.  I am especially enamored by blogs by women who are traveling solo to very remote places. I have been to the the top of isolated, snow topped mountains in Montana and stood in the middle of the Redwoods with no one around me for miles, but it always seems more exotic and adventurous to me when it is done in cultures that are so different than that which is native to the traveler.  These women embody this adventurous spirit.

Rick Steves
Almost everyone who has been to Europe or browsed the travel section in Barnes and Noble has seen a book by Rick Steves.  I am most familiar with his travel videos, articles and blogs, and his advice really saved my butt on the trains in Italy because I brought the carry-on size bag as he instructed while everyone else on the tour never even made it down the isle with their behemoth bags!  He’s a hero because I would love this analogy to be true some day:

Rick Steves : Europe :: Leslie Lello : North America

Nuf said. Moving on.

Arthur “Uncle” Frommer (radio show) (blog)
I didn’t know it at the time, but driving up to the farmer’s market in Ramsey, New Jersey every Sunday this past winter while listening to Arthur Frommer was a big influence on my podcast. They take caller questions on their radio show, but I admired the way he and Pauline Frommer answered questions and realized that I have lived enough places in the U.S. to be able to give people that had never been to these places valuable information to help them in the same way that the Frommers were doing it.

By the way, when my mom talks about her first trip to Europe, she always emphasizes that “Uncle Frommer’s” book got her and her friend through Europe on $5 per day in the 60’s when nobody else was writing about this stuff and people who backpacked through Europe were thought of as weirdo hippies.  She had a great trip and still has the book!  🙂

TOMORROW IS PART 2: My “Heroes and Roll Models” Folder!

Tomorrow I will cover the travel podcasters that I have been enjoying since I started podcasting!

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