how to make bulletproof coffee on a road trip

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee On A Road Trip

In my constant quest for good coffee when I am on a bulletproof coffee road trip cold brew concentrateroad trip, I have developed a few workarounds that assure me that I will not only get good coffee but also allows me to continue indulging in (my version of) Bulletproof Coffee (which is actually a Weston Price thing that was adapted by a biohacker).

I usually bring my AeroPress on all road trips, which is a hand-pressed espresso making device that is very portable and only requires hot water, espresso, and a filter.

While it is pretty portable, I have grown weary of carrying the coffee which can be messy on the fly. I first intended to use this device at rest stops when requiring a caffeine boost, but have not used it in that manner because the act of measuring out coffee in a hot shop on the interstate highway seems like too much hassle. I have stuck with green tea.

But it still works great in hotels and I hope to make a video of that process soon.

But today I have provided a different video and a different method.portable hand mixer bulletproof coffee road trip

It’s actually an ode to one of my newest favorite travel devices which is a powerful portable beverage mixer from a company called Fit & Fresh.

While my recipe breaks a lot of rules of “traditional” Bulletproof coffee (I like the salted butter and in this recipe use buffalo ghee from Trader Joe’s, and I also am not particularly sensitive to the mold levels in coffee), the most important rule for a good flavor is the mixing the butter / coconut oil thoroughly with the coffee or espresso.

For those reading this that have never mixed butter with coffee, I admit that it is an acquired taste, and you will either love it or hate it the first time you try it.

If you love it, I think you will appreciate my technique for traveling. If you hate it, I recommended adding only the smallest bit of butter and blending it WELL before completely crossing it off your list.

The reason is that if you are in a place with watered down coffee that only provides synthetic or powdered creamers (mostly chemicals) this is a good alternative to using the chemical creamers in your coffee.

Or you could just bring a bottle of cold brewed coffee and mix it with hot water. I like Trader Joe’s Bottled Organic Cold Brew.  It’s made in a concentrated form so it is meant to be mixed down.

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THOUGHT: I would like to note that I still prefer the use of AeroPress rather than a bottle of cold brew (and a stick of KerryGold Butter to the Trader Joe’s Ghee due to both taste and also the minimal waste stick butter and the AeroPress creates.  Minimizing the use of disposable plastic is important.