Chicago – A Nice Place To Visit…

*Side Note (2019) *: I got some salty feedback for my HONEST assessment of Chicago… Both as a visitor and as a resident… And so I changed the podcast to paint it with rose colored glass views. You can thank the trolls for my non-honest bs opinion. I’m a bit salty about THAT, and despite having a podcast that one awards, one asshole review was able to have redo my cast so that it is mediocre vanilla podcast episode because of their attachment to this town. So if you want honesty in my podcasts, which are meant to be helpful, you need to help out and leave a positive review on iTunes, please. Until then, excuse me while I put on some sparkle goggles and talk about Chicago…

Yes, I know I said I would never do a podcast about Chicago, and to tell you the truth, it took me a while to figure out how to I would present the city in an honest way – both celebrating the fun of traveling as a tourist while also being forthright about my learnings from living there for over a year.

I think I achieved a good balance, so if you are interested in visiting Chicago, this podcast should give you not only a great overview, but a few tips that most tourist don’t know and tour books don’t tell you.

I would love to hear feedback about this podcast.  Despite all of the trepidation I experienced before the recording, I think this is one of my better ones.  🙂

PODCAST NOTES: Traveling in Chicago: A Nice Place To Visit But… nope, not finishing that sentence…

Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.
I refer to it in the podcast as the “red bus tour”

Howard Johnson’s on LaSalle
I have heard the quality is questionable. I didn’t mention this hotel in the podcast and have never stayed there, but you can’t beat the parking situation and fabulous location.

Museum of Science and Industry

Architecture Tour

Hosteling International Chicago
There are many hostels in Chicago, but this the one I have stayed at a few times. It’s in The Loop which is the main part of Chicago.

Eva’s Cafe
(Near The Second City)

The Third Coast (Restaurant)

Article on the best beaches of Chicago