12 Things to Know Before Your Go to Italy (Travel Italy Tips)

I have been wanting to start a travel podcast for a very long time, and I finally did it this week!

I just returned from Italy, and while I had a wonderful time and everything went fairly smoothly, there are a few things that I wish people had told me before I left for my trip.

An odd coincidence was that my neighbor was headed to Italy 3 days after I returned home.


I had so much to tell her, but I never got a chance because I had to leave day after I got back from Italy on another trip. So, the inspiration for this podcast are the “Travel Italy Tips” that I acquired and took notes on during my virgin voyage to Italia.

This podcast is for my neighbor (which I will email to her as soon as it is posted) and for you. And if you have any comments you would like to add or advice you could give, feel free to leave comments below.

Happy Travels!


PS: My tone in the recording for “Travel Italy – Tips” is a little more mellow than how I normally speak because I was inspired to record this podcast at 11pm in a hotel, so I had to keep it quiet.

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