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Win Amazon Raffle www.TravelBetterPodcasts.com

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Announcing the Winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card Raffle!

Posted on 21 August 2013 by Leslie Lello

Win Amazon Raffle www.TravelBetterPodcasts.com

Whew! That was a busy and exciting launch!

I want to thank everyone for helping to get the word out about the site by participating in the Giveaway and sharing with friends!

The raffle closed at 11:59pm EST on August 20th and a winner has been drawn.

The winner of the raffle is Mary Ann Stroud!

Congratulations Mary!

Obviously, I did the raffle because I wanted to create some buzz about my website launch and the podcast, but my overarching goal is to help people ‘travel better’ and to provide them with travel tips and vacation ideas.

This seemed to be the easiest way to find people who would be into the kind if information I provide. Win-Win, ya know!

So now that we’re all here, I would love to discover what destinations or travel questions you have. If I don’t have the answer from my own experience and knowledge, I am networked with enough people that it will allow me to interview the perfect expert related to your question.

Please message me using the contact form, or leave a comment below!

What destination do you want to hear about the most? What do you want to know about that destination? Why do you want to go there?

Again, thanks again for participating in the contest.

Happy Travels!


PS: If you didn’t win this time, be sure to keep in touch with this site, the Facebook page, Twitter, Newsletter and the Travel Better Podcasts on iTunes or MyCast because launching my site with a giveaway was really fun, so I intend to do it again (not the launch part… the giveaway part!). ūüėČ

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TBP 0012 The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase (Part 2): Carry-On Luggage

Posted on 17 August 2013 by Leslie Lello

TBP 0012 Photos from Travel Better Podcasts (www.travelbetterpodcasts.com)

When it comes to the best way to pack a suitcase that you plan to carry onto the airplane, the restrictions with airlines can be outrageous.

Sometime of the rules probably do ensure a more safe journey, but many are simply a way for airlines to squeeze more money out of people the travelers they supposedly serve.

This week’s podcast contains ideas on the best way to pack a suitcase when you are carrying it on the plane, and things to keep in mind to prevent you from having to check the bag and pay fees.

And at least on some airlines if you are within the regulations and they still make you check bags, they usually will not charge you. (US AIRWAYS)

Today, we will not be talking about the bag that goes in the overhead compartment.

That bag is usually the bigger one and to that I will only say to weigh and measure your bag thoroughly. There will be another show specifically about the larger of the two carry-ons.

In this podcast we are talking about the best way to pack a suitcase when it is the one that you will have near you on the plane.

There is an art to knowing what you will need throughout the entire flight, and packing properly ensures that you will not need to do that thing that people do where they stand in the main aisle of the plane blocking traffic while awkwardly unlocking their suitcase and fishing for a sweatshirt.

You don’t need to do that if you pack your smaller bag properly.

Today’s podcast helps you do to that!

TBP 0012 The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase for Small Carry-On Luggage Piece:

MY LIST OF CARRY ON STUFF – that I almost always bring on every flight (and store under the seat in front of me)

TBP 0012 Photos from Travel Better Podcasts (www.travelbetterpodcasts.com)

I have links to Amazon for these items because if you are looking to get a number of these items, Amazon is probably the cheapest and fastest way to do it!

I’ve done my best to link to items that have the “Super Saver Shipping” feature – free shipping over $25.¬† So even though you might be getting a $3 box of earplugs, if you bundle that item with other to reach $25 (other items from the list below or things that you would be buying anyway), you not only pay less than you would if you went out to a store, but you also don’t pay for shipping.

  • Eye Cover: The one I link to is not the one I have but it looks much better. Mine is a good one but is made of a warm material with lots of padding. This makes me sweat and messes up my make-up. I like it, though because it has a small pocket for some earplugs. The next one I will buy will be more like this, with an ear plugs pocket, but much lighter material. The contouring is nice, too!
    Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask with Earplugs and Carry Pouch, Black
  • Tablet/iPod/MP3 player and head phones: I travel with an iPod Touch from 2008 (or “vintage” as the folks at Apple say) which is only for music. The tablet I have is a Nexus 7 with 4 Gigs of Memory. I usually load a movie from Google Play at home before the flight so that I don’t have to depend on in flight entertainment or whether the plane has Wi-Fi. I know that iPad is the hip tablet, but I like the Nexus 7 because the smaller screen is less cumbersome and I’m not as worried about damage or loss with this tablet because it’s not pricy. And I hate having technology from 2008 being called “vintage”.
  • Wrist Watch
  • Snacks: I like to pack a box of Ostrich Jerky on every trip.¬† You can get them at Vitamin Shoppe if you don’t want to order them online, and you should try one stick before buying a whole box because it is definitely a distinct taste.¬† I also bring nuts, fruit, veggies or chocolate.
  • Melatonin (3mg):¬† I have used as many as 6 milligrams, but 3mg usually does the trick for me.
  • ¬†Zip Ties / Cable Ties or Suitcase Lock in case you stow it far from where you are sitting. If you use Zip Ties, do not tighten them all the way around the holes for the suitcase lock and be sure you have a scissors OUTSIDE your suitcase, or you will have a lot of trouble getting them off your bag.
  • Ziploc Storage Bag, Quart Value Pack-50 ct: I like quart size because if you are on your trip and the quart size liquids bag you are using to go through TSA breaks, you have another one (or several) for backup. I usually pack 5-6 baggies for a 1-2 week trip.



Attach your reusable Chico Bag to your carry-on. If TSA or the flight crew make you get rid of the disposable grocery bag, shove as much as you can in your carry-on, and carry the water bottle with you. Once you are on the plane, put everything in the Chaco bag.

When I was talking about Melatonin, I also mentioned Ambien. You need a prescription for Ambien, which is a powerful sleeping pill… but it works.

Using a Beach Ball as a pillow: You can use it in front of you as a pillow, or deflate it a bit and use it as a neck pillow.

The post about Jetzone Jet Lag Prevention is coming soon!

I also bring Himalayan Salt – It has helped me relieve headaches, balancing body fluids, provides me with trace minerals.



Win Amazon Raffle www.TravelBetterPodcasts.com

Are you entered in the Travel Better Podcasts Pre-Launch Giveaway yet?

If not, go ahead and click here to go to the entry form where you can liking the Facebook Page, Twittering about the contest to your followers, and following @TravelPodcasts on Twitter will all get you entries in the contest for a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The Contest ends on August 20th EST at 11:59pm so be sure to do it now! And share the following link with the friends that like travel and that would like the opportunity to participate in the contest, too!  Thanks!

Link to share:  http://bit.ly/176khp6

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Win Amazon Raffle www.TravelBetterPodcasts.com

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Tell people About Travel Better Podcasts and Enter to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Posted on 08 August 2013 by Leslie Lello

amazon25This site is officially launching in two weeks, but if you are following the RSS feed, you are getting a sneak peak at all of the great content!

You are also getting the chance to help spread the word about Travel Better Podcasts and the upcoming launch!

Like the Travel Better Podcasts page on Facebook, and that will enter you in a raffle to win a $25 Amazon gift card! You can even get more chances by following us on Twitter and tweeting about the raffle to your friends!

Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the raffle!

Click Here to Go to Facebook Entry Page

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