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Two Inexpensive Places for Massage and Bodywork in Chicago

Posted on 07 October 2013 by Leslie Lello

On the "Red Bus Tour" of Chicago near the Chicago River in The Loop

On the “Red Bus Tour” of Chicago near the Chicago River in The Loop

If you do find yourself in Chicago and you need a massage like experience (trust me, you will), and your on a budget, check out these massage schools which offer student massages that are great and won’t cost you a fortune.

These are two inexpensive places for massage and bodywork in Chicago. This is where I went when i needed to de-stress when I lived there, which was all the time.

Cortiva Institute

Cortiva has several locations all over the country. The one in Chicago is conveniently located in the Loop on State Street, very close to Millennium Park. They do good work and offer a basic Swedish session for a reasonable price. The waiting room is more soothing than most massage schools, despite being right across the street from the El.

Pacific College

When I wanted a more specialized form of bodywork, I would go to Pacific College. The emphasis there is on eastern healing and philosophy… acupuncture, shiatsu, Chinese herbs… Unlike Cortiva, Pacific College actually encourages its clients to stick to a therapist if they find one they like. This can help with conditions that are chronic so that the practitioner and the patient can create a gameplan for healing. But if you are just in town for a few days and are looking for more than Swedish, this is a good place to check out.

Just remember, these are both schools, so most of the time the bodywork you get will be awesome, but every once in a while you’ll get someone who isn’t as good. Try to be flexible, but if you really feel the work missed the mark, be sure to let the front desk know.

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TBP 0017 Chicago – A Nice Place To Visit…

Posted on 21 September 2013 by Leslie Lello

Ramlbin Chicago - 11

Yes, I know I said I would never do a podcast about Chicago, and to tell you the truth, it took me a while to figure out how to I would present the city in an honest way – both celebrating the fun of traveling as a tourist while also being forthright about my learnings from living there for over a year.

I think I achieved a good balance in TBP 0017, so if you are interested in visiting Chicago, this podcast should give you not only a great overview, but a few tips that most tourist don’t know and tour books don’t tell you.

I would love to hear feedback about this podcast.  Despite all of the trepidation I experienced before the recording, I think this is one of my better ones.  🙂

PODCAST NOTES FOR TBP 0017: Traveling in Chicago: A Nice Place To Visit But I Wouldn’t Want To Live There

Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.
I refer to it in the podcast as the “red bus tour”


Howard Johnson’s on LaSalle
I have heard the quality is questionable. I didn’t mention this hotel in the podcast and have never stayed there, but you can’t beat the parking situation and fabulous location.


Museum of Science and Industry


Architecture Tour


Hosteling International Chicago
There are many hostels in Chicago, but this the one I have stayed at a few times. It’s in The Loop which is the main part of Chicago.


Eva’s Cafe
(Near The Second City)


The Third Coast (Restaurant)


Article on the best beaches of Chicago


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Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois (Wordless Wednesday)

Posted on 04 September 2013 by Leslie Lello

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

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Travel Western Michigan Better

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TBP 0014: Western Michigan Offers Respite for City Dwellers

Posted on 31 August 2013 by Leslie Lello

Travel Western Michigan Better

South Haven, Western Michigan

As I gazed at the sunset over Lake Michigan, I marveled at how different the atmosphere was compared to when I stood at the waters from the opposite side, in Chicago. More nature. Cleaner. Peaceful. Quiet. Desolate in early spring.

These are the characteristics I yearned for during my road trips when I was living in Chicago, but the choices were never as obvious as when I lived in other major cities in the United States.

I found a piece of heaven in Western Michigan that soothed the anxiety and pressure I was constantly experiencing in Chicago.

In today’s podcast I will be talking about my weekend trip (well, mid-week trip) to Michigan to get away from Chicago. I felt much better after this excursion and think it is very important for city dwellers to get into the country and “get the city off of them” once in a while.

TBP 0014 is a shortie so it’s good if you want to squeeze a podcast in while you are driving around running errands this is a good one to pick. 🙂

Happy Travels!

PS: I brought my dog on this trip and as long as you can find a hotel that is pet friendly (I stayed in South Haven, but I understand Holland is even more dog friendly), this should be a good choice for your animal companion. He LOVED playing catch on the beach and it was completely empty so we could really spread out!

South Haven, Michigan
The Beachtowns of Michigan
Douglas, Michigan
Holland, Michigan
Pet Friendly Things To Do in Holland, Michigan

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