About Travel Better Podcasts

Travel Better Podcasts offers lighthearted travel talk from a woman’s perspective, with information on money saving travel tips, vacation ideas, and travel gear.

A majority of the discussion is about traveling in the United States (but non-US based podcasts are produced as well), road trips, solo travel, spas and massage, and pet travel.

Occasional guest interviews.



“As a woman, my country is the whole world.” ― Virginia Woolf


Leslie Lello in Tivoli

About Leslie Lello

Leslie Lello is the founder and host of Travel Better Podcasts.

Her childhood friends have been referring to her for decades as “The Gypsy” and the “Happy Homeless Hippy” because she has been rolling through life on the highway since she was a little kid.

She graduated from Hunter College in New York City and, after working in the film industry as a professional feature film script supervisor, went on to study radio, television and film at Northern Arizona University and Yavapai College.

She is the author of Produce U: 10 Easy Steps to Your Short Film, and has been blogging and writing articles, restaurant reviews and travel photography on a freelance basis for over a decade.

These days, in between salsa dance classes and her activities with Toastmasters International, she uses skills as a multimedia artist to share her travel related knowledge, images and contacts on the new website and podcast Travel Better Podcasts, and loves that she can help people ‘travel better’.


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