Arizona Tourism: Rt. 66, Winslow and the Wigwam Motel

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A favorite bit of Arizona Tourism

A favorite bit of Arizona Tourism resides in many classic places along Rt.66.

While most people take Rt. 40 across Arizona, there are a number of exits you can take to “The Old Road” that will lead you to historical settings that will help you relive the romanticized time when Rt. 66 was the official route between Chicago and Los Angeles.

The locations in these pictures are from the section of Rt. 66 that is between Flagstaff and the New Mexico boarder.

Wigwam Motel, Arizona 01. arizona tourism

Winslow, Arizona 02

Winslow, Arizona 03

Wigwam Motel, Arizona 02

Wigwam Motel, Arizona 03

Rt 66, Ariona

Wigwam Motel, Arizona 04

Winslow, Arizona 01


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